Wound Care Centers in Princeton

What Are Quality Indicators for Wound Care Centers?

Searching for wound care centers in Princeton to improve your loved ones’ lifestyle? One discipline of medicine cannot deal with all types of wounds. People with diabetic foot ulcers can benefit from the presence of an endocrinology specialist on the team.

Bed-ridden patients need care from highly skilled nurses to avoid bedsores. You may also need to see a pharmacist for ineffective wound care medications.

It is better to take a tour of our facility to meet our multidisciplinary team before you choose any of the wound care centers in Princeton.

Multidisciplinary Team Focusing On Evidence-based Practices

Healthcare is advancing at a quick pace. Healthcare practices of the past are not applicable anymore. It is an era of evidence-based practice, as surgeons publish the results of their studies on wound care.

  • Our experts consider the latest peer-reviewed research for wound treatment. When the specialist uses evidence-based care, he can reduce the wound recovery time. Scientists are discovering many new wound care therapies.
  • Our team goes through the latest editions of the wound care journals to get better treatment plans for you.

Nurses With Higher Education & On-site Experience

Nurses are leaders in the wound care field. Most specialists make a plan for wound care. Nurses are going to implement this plan.

  • We have nurses with post-graduate qualifications. The presence of nurses with higher education in the team is a crucial quality indicator.
  • We have also equipped our nurses with leadership skills to become an effective part of the multidisciplinary team.

Most other clinics do not focus on the education level of the nurses.

Patient Engagement In On A One-On-One Level

According to many evidence-based studies, the outcome is better when the specialists involve the patients in the care plan formation.

Specialists can observe everything related to the wound. Only the patients are aware of their stress level and pain management effectiveness. When a specialist involves the patient in the care plan formation, he can give better insights. Our healthcare staff specializes in raking feedback from the patients for better wound management.

You will observe a better engagement plan when you contact us to register for the facility tour.

Avant Wound Care Centers in Princeton Stay Up-to-date On The Latest Innovations In Patient Care Treatments

Most wound care centers in Princeton use old machines and techniques. As we prefer evidence-based practice, we also get the latest equipment. All our equipment is up-to-date with the latest quality requirements of the International organizations.

We also use the most recent techniques to promote the healing process. It will become clear that you are making the right decision when you register for a tour with us. You can contact us on the website and register for a tour. Our customer care representative will guide you in each step of the process.


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    As a team, we create a home-like atmosphere of comfort and healing by addressing residents’ needs as our own. Our core values are what enable us to provide industry-leading care to seniors.

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    Our clinical excellence recognized by numerous awards, our on-call diagnostic lab providing quicker results, and our in-house rehab team dedicated to your recovery – are all elements that ensure your end-to-end continuum of care is seamless and pleasant from beginning to end.

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